CNG Standards

CNG Standards and Codes

1.Components of CNG conversion kit set must comply standards depending on the natural of their functions.

2.ISO and ECE will be normally followed whenever possible. General the following will be required:

3.Cylinder shall be in compliance with ISO 11439, ECE R110, or ANSI/CSA NGV2-2000.

4.Rigid fuel lines shall be in compliance with ISO 155500-16, ECE R110, and AST A269.

5.Refueling receptacle shall be in compliance with ISO 15500 (1 to 20) and ECE R11

Alternative Standards and codes will be considered as the Industry Develops.

Codes/Standards Description Activity
ISO 9001 & 9002 Quality System Quality Control
*ISO 11439 Gas cylinders- High pressure cylinders for the onboard storage of natural gas Gas cylinders
*ISO 14469-1 CNG refueling connector. Refueling connector
*ISO 14469-2 CNG refueling connector size 2.
*ISO 14469-3 CNG refueling connector 250 bar.
ISO 15403 Designation of the quality of natural gas for use as compressed fuel for vehicles Natural Gas quality
ISO 15500-1 CNG Fuel System Components(1 to 20)Part 1 – general requirement and definitions. Requirements and definitions
ISO 15500-2 Part 2 – Performances and general test methods Performance and test method
ISO 15500-3 Part 3 – Check valve Check valve
ISO 15500-4 Part 4 – Manual Valve Manual valve
ISO 15500-5 Part 5 – Manual cylinder valve Manual cylinder valve
ISO 15500-6 Part 6 – Automatic valve Automatic valve
ISO 15500-7 Part 7 – Gas Injector Gas Injector
ISO 15500-8 Part 8 – Pressure Injector Pressure Injector
ISO 15500-9 Part 9 – Pressure regulator Pressure regulator
ISO 15500-10 Part 10 – Gas flow adjustor Gas flow adjustor
ISO 15500-11 Part 11 – Gas/air mixer Gas/air mixer
ISO 15500-12 Part 12 – Pressure relief valve Pressure relief valve
ISO 15500-13 Part 13 – Pressure relief device Pressure relief device
ISO 15500-14 Part 14 – Excess flow valve



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