Triangle Tanzania Limited (TTL) is a Tanzanian registered Private Company. Its main objective among others is to introduce opportunities for use of Natural Gas which is available in abundance in Tanzania for Domestic, Industrial as well as Motor Vehicles and other Machines.

TTL in Collaboration with University of Dar Es Salaam, Bureau For Industrial Corporation – BICO and Dar Es Salaam Institute of Technology - DIT offering (Compressed Natural Gas) - CNG Conversion Technology, servicing and after Sales support in Tanzania. With 2+ combined years of experience in CNG Conversion, TTL in promoting this new fuel energy, is also working in collaboration with highly reputable international companies which are master players in the field Ms Emer Group SPA - Italy.

In order to simplify life as well as to protect Environments, Introduction of cheap and easy Cooking Energy and facilities is another aim of TTL. TTL brings new Portable Butane gas stoves and Cartridges in the Tanzania and neighbouring Countries market. TTL strives to offer the best service with long time guarantee at the lowest prices.

Triangle Electrocom International Limited (TEIL) is a sister company to TTL dealing with electrical, electronic equipments and related accessories.

"For sure we are healing the world and making life safer, cheap, easy and better" - TTL 2017


Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Products and Accessories

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    Gas Stoves

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    The Stove is designed in high Technology, portable and lightweight that is very easy to use, handle, quiet and safe, powered by Gas Cartridge to make life easy, cheap and perfect when Cooking or keeping food warm wherever you are; Home, Office, Camp, Traveling, School, College, hostel, Catering & in field Hospitals or for use in remote locations where ...

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Natural Gas Vehicles

Mission and Vission

Vision Statement:
To become the best, most competent, very reliable and trusted company in Tanzania, using available resources and creativity to provide products and services leading to making life easier, safer and bearable.

Mission Statement:
To become a highly successfully enterprise by providing world class supply and maintenance solutions impeccably integrating people, technology and business acumen-ship.

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University of Dar Es Salaam (UDSM)
Bureau for Industrial Corporation(BICO)
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